Caraiva was founded in 1537 and it’s the oldest town of Brasil. The town is located in the south of the state of Bahia and it’s on the delta of the river Caraiva.
It is confined by the sea, the river and the national park of Mount Pascoal, historic landmark of the discovery of Brasil. Caraiva is considered a UNESCO world heritage, it’s protected environmentally and historically and borders with the Pataxos indigenous tribe.
The things which allows Caraiva to be so well preserved and charming, is the difficulty of access to it and the kind spirit of the local people. It has no cars or any motor vehicles and electricity arrived only in 2007, bringing with it access to internet and cell phones. Even though it has such modern facilities, it has managed to keep the poetics of the old times.
The rustic style of the town, which has sand streets, is accessible crossing the river Caraiva in small oar boats.
The town offers to it’s visitors a diversity of activities: sea, river, reefs, deserted beaches, woods, mangroves, starry nights, boat trips, horse rides, downhill river ride with a float, a walk to the lakes of Satu’, a visit to the indigenous reserve of “barra Velha” e to the point of Corumbau.
The restaurants in the Caraiva offer local cousin and international dishes, there are also a variety of little charming handcrafts shops.
One of the most interesting characteristics of this little town is the taxi service, done by horse carriages through tight streets full of flowers.

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